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Tour and guided tour of history of Thessaloniki with its attractions including the White Tower, Eptapyrgio, the Arch, the Rotonda, the Roman Forum, the churches of St. Demetrius, the Twelve Apostles and Hagia Sophia, the archaeological and Byzantine museum and many other historical monuments.

Taxi Van ancient Vergina.

Visit the capital of Macedonia Ancient Pella – Vergina birthplace of the Great Kings of Macedonia, Philip II and Alexander the Great and the archaeological – museum of Vergina, the most important finding of the royal tomb of Philip II, Alexander the Great’s father.

Transfer Bus Athos Ouranoupoli from Thessaloniki.

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Transfer cave Petralona Taxi Van Thessaloniki

Visit to the famous cave Petralona adorn the stalactites and stalagmites, in which ancient man’s skull was discovered, estimated to have lived 200,000 years ago.

Transfer Dion Pieria (Museum of Dion) Taxi Van Thessaloniki

Visit one of the oldest cities Dion Pieria (Museum of Dion) strategic importance of the Macedonian state at the foot of Eastern Olympus and the Museum of Dion with innumerable statues, monuments, coins and other objects found in the excavations.

Transfer ancient Philippi Taxi Van Thessaloniki

Transfer Castle of Platamon Taxi Van Thessaloniki

Transfer Monastery Panagia Sumela in Kastania Imathias,
Transfer Wetland Kerkini
Transfer to Prespa National Forest
The historic community of Nymfaio with the wildlife protection association ARKTOUROS.